Wine is delicious, yet an expensive endeavor for those who go to horticulture as a hobby. People like to get great wine, but also don’t want to spend a ton of money for just one bottle. So, wine enthusiasts go for wines from good places where the products are inexpensive. It doesn’t have to be beer-cheap and be bad quality. Here are five regions for wine that is cheap, yet delicious.

Sicily, Italy

Italy is a country all about wine, and Sicilyis still the most productive region in the country.With all that work, they have produced solid bottles of wine for people to drink up and do so fairly cheaply. The reds from the Nero d’Avola, a major red wine grape, and whites for Marsala, from the town of the same name, are the best wines to get for good prices at any quality wine store.

Southwest France

France is another major country that produces quality wines. It is also a place for inexpensive wine, particularly wines from the Southwest region. While some look at the Languedoc section by the Mediterranean, others have considered red wines in the Southwest such as theCahors and theMalbec.Another type of wine is theFronton with its spicy kick; theGaillacis also popular wine, even though production of it has declined.

Northwest Spain

One of the reasons why most of Spain’s classic wines are cheap is because of the decade long economic damage they still has yet to recover from. So, while wine lovers can’t go wrong with any area, look to the regions ofCastilla y Leon and Galicia for perfect inexpensive wine. Vino de la Tierra, RiasBaixas, Ribeiro, and Valedeorras are among the best regions in the Northwest for solid Spanish wine. 

Sierra Foothills, California

As expensive as California wines are, there are areas where quality wine is made and sold for everyone because it is quite affordable. The Zinfandel is probably the most popular, but the Syrah and Grenache are also growing because it has become inexpensive for wine lovers.



This has been an emerging market for wine, in part because it’s right next to Spain and has the same problems as they do. There is the obvious wine in Port, which no one cares for, but there are some dry, un-fortified wines from various grapes that are inexpensive and great in quality. Vinho Verde is a great white wine, while the red wines from Bairrada, Douro and,Alentejo are also very much recommended.


Wine is an expensive hobby and an expensive drink, but the hardcore wine lovers will drop heavy dimes for it. For those who don’t have the extra cash to be spending a lot on one bottle of wine, consider the varieties from different regions in parts of the world where winemaking flourishes. They are all good in taste and don’t require a ton of money for it. It’s a win-win for wine lovers.