When looking for wine, you want to know the best answers you can get. Cheap wine is not a thrill for most people and you want to know the most genuine online reviews you can get.


Best Wine Review Sites


Take a look at some of the following websites for any good deals or helpful advice.


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Majestic Wine

This website is found on www.majestic.co.uk. This website has many frequent asked questions and honest opinions about a wide range of subjects. They also have a wide range of wines and open seven days a week to deliver any orders.


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Wine Searcher

This website is found on www.winesearcher.com. Information on this website is also quite extensive and detailed on the subject of wine tastes as well as certain facts. This site also has a Critic’s Choice Wine Finder, which is a wine finder that you enter in information of what type of wine and price you are searching for. This wine finder is cross-referenced with their average prices and the best information from critics.


Wine Review Online

This website is found on www.winereviewonline.com. Here you can find honest and straight forward opinions on different wines. You will find opinions and reviews ranging from prices of wine, the taste, the making of the wine as well as the packaging of the wine. Any person who is looking for a website that does not just promote wines, but give unbiased opinions about wines, should take a look at the website.


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Wineography- The Online Wine Cellar

This website is found on www.wineography.com . Here you can find reviews for different wines across France, Germany, South Africa, USA and many more. In each different country and specific region in that country, has a few reviews on certain wines. These reviews are short and sweet, but contain relevant and honest information on brands of wine. This site also allows for you to post comments of your feeling towards a wine type, like a wine database.


Wine Spectator

This website is found on www.winespectator.com. With 351,000 wine ratings, jumps on latest tasting newsletters, top 10 wine listings, value wines and forums, this website is bound to attract a wine tasters attention. About 15,000 wines from all over the world are blindly tasted by their editors and a standard of honest and detailed reviewing is set. Wine spectator also has blogs and videos to give you more information on particular subjects.


These websites are the top five best wine reviewing sites. There are numerous more sites to be discovered, just click on the search button and let your mind wonder.