Perhaps you are unsure of the best wineries to visit in Washington. There are different criteria for choosing the best ones to visit. Most times, people choose to visit wineries based on appeal to labels or brands. However, the best way to judge the quality taste of wine is not through labels or brands. Rather, by the awards given to well-deserving wineries that have produced the best quality wine for many decades.


Here are some of the regularly awarded wineries in Washington.


Delille Cellars


With over twenty-five years of uninterrupted wine production, Delille Cellars has been known for giving tourists a taste of quality. Grapes are primarily the source of her wine, using a hundred percent French Oaks for fermentation. They earned the first place on this list.


Channing Daughters


Due to the emphasis on great taste, vines are naturally cultivated by hand to retain the natural blend. Winery operation has started since 1982, and they have provided excellent tours for tourists. Choosing Channing Daughters as part of your winery tour itinerary is essential.


Jordan Winery


With exports of winery products to over 40 countries, you can also enjoy a special quality of great wine tasting with Jordan Winery. These wines, Russian River Valley Chardonnay and Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon have become wines that are widely savored by all. This is because of its lower concentration of alcohol and silky tannins. With her large landscape, you can enjoy a tremendous winery tour.


Fetzer Vineyards


This is the sixth largest producer of wine in the United States. With an equally blended taste of alcohol and grapes, this wine has won the hearts of so many Americans and some parts of the world. If you must come for a tour, you must drink responsibly. This is to ensure you do not get intoxicated. Moreover, if you are under the age of eighteen, you cannot partake in the winery tour. You should not risk taking a unique blend of alcohol and grapes.