There are nearly 60,000 acres of vineyards in Sonoma County, and with the county being a bit bigger than the state of Rhode Island, it sure does cover a lot of ground. If you plan to visit, then planning your time here will save you unnecessary driving and give you more time to enjoy the restaurants and wineries. Below are four highly recommended regions that will make your tour of Sonoma more memorable:



Dry Creek Valley/Healdsburg


The wineries are located on a 16-mile stretch at the northern end of Sonoma. Dry Creek Valley is home to over 70 wineries and is a jackpot for Zinfandel lovers. The area has about 9,000 acres of vineyards and coincidentally has one of the largest concentration of old-vine Zinfandel worldwide.


To start a Dry Creek Valley wine tour, exit the Dry Creek Road from Highway 101 and proceed West on Dry Creek Road. There are several excellent wineries to visit on West Dry Creek Road and to choose one is most times not easy because you'll be spoilt for choice.


Russian River Valley


The Russian River Valley is situated at the heart of Sonoma County. The growers and winemakers produce world-class pinot noir and chardonnay, and a lot more cool-climate wine. The area boasts of over 15,000 acres of seeded grapevines, giving the wineries the ability to produce a wide range of wines. Cool-climate-loving varietals flourish here providing unexpectedly bright and rich wines.


Sonoma Valley Area


This area is the birthplace of the California’s commercial wine industry in the 1850s. The Sonoma Valley wineries are located in the southeast corner of Sonoma County, roughly outlining the borders of the Sonoma Creek watershed.


The classic, exterior design of the original California Street line offers a picturesque view that is unmatched by any other winery area. As you begin a journey filled with the rich local history of the Sonoma Valley, you will learn what makes Sonoma Valley such a popular destination for wine lovers all over the world.


Alexander Valley


Alexander Valley was identified in the 60s as a place where top-notch cabernet sauvignon can be grown. It is one of California's most famous wine districts and it is located in the north-eastern part of Sonoma County. The Valley features a combination of unique wineries and unquestionably beautiful rolling hills of vineyards.


Cabernet sauvignon is very popular in this area, and some of America’s most cherished Cabernets are grown and made here.


Sonoma Wine Country comprises of thirteen wineries with more acres of vineyards than there is in Napa. In this prized wine growing region some of the finest Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc are produced. Renowned all over the world for its wine, Sonoma County's is a favorite destination for winery tours and tastings.


By: Chris Hartland