With the vast range of fantastic red wine grapes out there, it gets difficult to determine the most popular ones among them. However, we have compiled a list of the top ten most popular red wine grapes names below to give you a head start.


10 Red Wine Grapes Kazzit

 10 Red Wine Grapes

Cabernet Sauvignon


A noble grape variety, Cabernet Sauvignon grows well in humid regions. It became famous as one of the red wines of Médoc, in Bordeaux. In the present day, it is grown in California, Washington, Italy, Australia, Chile, and Argentina, etc.




Merlot is the most cultivated red wine grape variety in Bordeaux. It is also an important red wine grape in Chile, Washington, California, Long Island District, New York, and Northeastern Italy.


Pinot Noir

10 Red Wine Grapes Kazzit


Pinot Noir red wine grape variety is enigmatic and challenging. It is grown in France, where small vineyard plots yield wine made from Pinot Noir. Other regions that produce good Pinot Noir include Oregon, New Zealand, California, Chile and parts of Australia.




Zinfandel is among the oldest grapes grown in California and is highly regarded there. It has a blackberry or raspberry flavor. For many years, wine authorities weren't sure of its origins. However, in recent years it has been proven that Zinfandel is a Croatian grape.


Syrah or Shiraz


Syrah is a heavy skin, dark grape that grows in hotter climates which is why California and Australia are two major producers of this delicious wine. It also excels in Sicily, Italy. While its style can vary from country to country, it is called Shiraz if processed in Australia.



10 Red Wine Grapes Kazzit


Malbec originates from France and although once the major component of wine varietals in Bordeaux, it is typically used in there to flesh out Right Bank blends. Argentine and French winemakers have discovered the ideal conditions to grow this wine grape.




Recent data has shown that Tempranillo could be the largest cultivated grape species per acre. It is the wine of Spain and is also grown in warmer climates like California, Australia, Turkey, New Zealand, South America and Texas. There are strict laws in place regarding the production of Tempranillo.




Sangiovese is an excellent choice for Italian and a host of Mediterranean-style cuisines. It is mainly produced in warmer climate areas like Italy’s Tuscany region and California. The primary preparation style is medium-bodied with plum flavors, and fresh berry included.




Barbara red wine grapes are versatile, and they go well with many dishes, including tomato sauces. This grape thrives in temperate regions, particularly in Italy. It has a delicious taste with silky texture and unique acidity.




Carménère is Chile's most popular red wine grape with a fascinating story. It was originally cultivated in France. It is also a part of the Cabernet family. Its name, which translates as Crimson refers to the colors that abound in the harvest season.