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Wyoming Wineries

Like other states throughout the northwest, Wyoming suffers from long harsh winters that have long since made it close to impossible to cultivate any type of vegetable or fruit. However, Wyoming wineries have found a way around that problem. In fact, one professor turned his passion for wine into a decade long challenge to find the perfect fruit to plant in the state. That passion turned into extensive research and the development of altering the genes within certain cold-hardy fruits to help encourage Wyoming Vineyards to develop.

Despite these advancements over the past several years, Wyoming still has the fewest wineries of any other state. The climate is the obvious reason for this reality, but as grapes are better understood and as technology develops, it is likely that Wyoming will see a serious boom in wineries and vineyards.

There are several reasons that scientists and researchers are interested in producing a fruit variety specifically orientated for the cold Wyoming climate. For starters, wineries in Wyoming have a better chance of producing pesticide free products. Why? Primarily due to the fact that hot and humid climates breed fungal and pest diseases and Wyoming crops would not be subjected to this problem. The climate can in fact work in the growers favor given the right type of fruit.

Another important factor is that Wyoming offers hundreds of thousands of acres of land that can be used for wine cultivation. This potential sparks interests in many other wineries throughout the country as it would bring more competition to the market.

Regardless of the future, there are only two commercial Wyoming wineries in existence currently, but each of them produces fine wine well known throughout the US wine market. If you plan on heading out west to do a bit of sightseeing, plan your trip with us by checking out the available Wyoming Vineyards tours we offer below.