Wineries on Seneca Lake

Wineries in Seneca Lake

Located in the Upstate New York, the Seneca Lake American Viticultural Area is one of the prime wine producing areas in the region. One of the largest appellations in the Eastern America, there are more than thirty wineries on Seneca Lake. A great diversity of wines is produced in this region. Wine lovers can enjoy the classic vinifera to premium hybrids, hardy native grapes and even mead. A variety of events are organized here that attracts wine enthusiasts from all over the country. Some of the popular events that are organized are Fish & Brew Fridays, Celebrity Guest Chef Pasta Night, Live Music and Happy Hour, Second Annual Riesling Dinner and many more.

The idea behind organizing these events is to make wine lovers aware about the range of wines produced in this area. Wine tasting tours are also organized from time to time that make wine lovers taste some new and exotic tasting wines. Besides enjoying the regular wines, they taste a new wine and cultivate their affinity for the same.

A majority of wineries of this area are totally dedicated to the fine craft of making premium quality wines. Some of them follow European traditions of wine making and come up with dry wines that express the unique terroir of the vineyards. When tasting dry and crisp Riesling, sparkling wines, elegant Pinot Noir and many other wines, the wine enthusiasts’ excitement knows no bounds. Besides wines, they can also sample cheeses, crackers and artisan chocolates in the beautifully restored taste rooms.

There are several premium boutique wineries located close to Seneca Lake that offers fine tasting wines. With a nominal fee of a few dollars, the wine lovers get to taste several wines on the portfolio of the wineries.

The various events, attractions and activities organized in the Seneca Lake wineries attract a large number of visitors, who visit this area along with their families and enjoy a great time. There are many events when not only some of the best wines from the region, but also spectacular range of snacks are on display. Wine aficionados not only enjoy the wines but also sample a variety of food items. Just taking one sip of the wines is enough to find out about the quality of the wine. The beginners may have to go through the three steps of smelling, looking and tasting wines before they are able to tell about the variety of the wines they have been sipping. People can enjoy live music and have fun while enjoying wines as well. There are many events that are organized from kids’ point of view as well.

Today, the wine trail of Seneca Lake has become one of the largest in New York State. This active wine trail has more than thirty five wineries, two cider producers, a distillery and more. This 38 mile long area has a rich past and unmatched beauty that beckons visitors from afar. Moreover, the area has also gained popularity for producing premium quality wines.