Wineries in Wisconsin

Wineries in Wisconsin

When Ernest Hemingway himself has said that, "Wine is the most civilized thing in the world”, you know that you are in fine company as you sip yet another glass of wine in any one of the wonderful wineries in Wisconsin!

Indeed, wineries in Wisconsin make it very difficult to refuse another glass, simply because the wines produced in this region are world class. With five wine regions and hundreds of wineries, planning a trip to Wisconsin should be on the itinerary of every wine connoisseur.

Wisconsin is part of the largest American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) with two smaller AVAs of its own, the Wisconsin Ledge AVA and the Lake Wisconsin AVA. The five different wine regions in more than 800 acres in Wisconsin make for interesting experiences with more than 60 wineries in Wisconsin which grow different types of grapes according to the geographical features of that region. These range from the Seyval blanc, Baco noir, Concord, Chardonnay, to the Marechal Foch, Leon Millot, Frontenac and St. Croix. The wineries in Wisconsin can be found in the Driftless Region, the Northwoods Region, the Door Country Region, the Fox Valley Region, and the Glacial Hills Region.

Wineries in Wisconsin in the Driftless Region offers the traditional grape wines because of the special climate here that is more conducive to these grapes. The wineries here, nestled in hillsides, will give you the feel of being in a vineyard in Europe. There are vineyards that overlook historic rivers. Here you will find both grape wines as well as fruit wines made from rhubarb, cherries, cranberries and apples that are native to Wisconsin.

In the Northwoods Region, the wineries offer you the chance to sit back and sip your wine while taking in your picturesque surroundings, from lakes to islands to forests! Here you can pack a picnic, fish and even ride a horse from stables available in the wineries in Wisconsin in this region.

The wineries in Wisconsin in the The Door Country Region will give you the opportunity to taste both red and white wines in dry to sweet variants. There are some wineries in Wisconsin in this area that are in the same latitudinal line as the wine regions in Bordeaux and Tuscany.

The Fox Valley Region also offers a variety of both dry and sweet wines, in settings ranging from architecturally historic buildings to those out in idyllic natural settings.

In the Glacial Hills Region wineries, you can not only taste great wines, you also buy all you need to make your own wines when you get back home!

Wineries in Wisconsin give you the heady taste of some creative blends which you will not find anywhere else in the country, such as a wine that is made from a combination of dry red and blackberry fruit, called the Blackberry Merlot. In fact, Wisconsin is more famous for its fruit wines that have evolved beautifully over the years to have its own following among wine and food connoisseurs.