Wineries in Solano County

Wineries in Solano County

Solano is not often considered as one of the famous spots in Vallejo, California. However, what makes the county amazing is its hefty percentage of annual wine grape crop, which attracts buyers, wine enthusiasts, as well as tourists in the area. As of the moment, the area is home to about 22 wineries, with 13 of them having vineyards while 10 are selling grapes. The largest of the wineries produces about 22,000 cases every year. There are only about four that produces about 5,000 or more cases per year.

The Great Wineries

The data shown in the statistics show that changes are to be expected in the near future. As a matter of fact, more wineries are in the process of constructing their winery operation, planting about 50 acres of vineyards in the fields that were previously used to planting wheat and legumes.

Solano, in itself, is already a great place to have a vacation. Aside from wineries, there are also other activities that can be enjoyed in the area. For instance, there are several golf courses that are located in the county. Therefore, you will never have a reason to stay in and not take advantage of the scenery and fresh air.

But, of course, when visiting the area, you should never miss having a tour at the Wineries in Solano County. With the several options that you can choose from, as well as the possibility of having tours in different wineries, you can have the chance to enjoy wine tasting, as well understanding the process behind the production of wines.

Tips to a Successful Visit to the Wineries

If you go wine tasting, it would be great to hire a car for the tour or perhaps have a driver to take you to the wineries. This will give you more chances to taste more wine than what you may have originally expected. You may also want to focus first on the smaller wineries. This will allow you to enjoy the passion of winemaking and wine tasting.

Make sure that you already have an answer prepared for the question: ‘What is your favorite wine?’ In every winery that you will be visiting, you will most likely be asked out of the blue. If you say that you enjoy all kinds of wines, it would be difficult to identify which one you can actually start with.

When visiting the wineries in Solano County, it would be helpful to have an open mind with how these wineries work, purchasing wine as souvenirs along the way. Most of the best tasting wines can be found in these wineries; you might even have the chance to purchase the best one in one of these wineries.