Wine Tasting Colorado

Wine Tasting Colorado

Colorado is a state that offers many wonders and one of them is the number of excellent wineries and vineyards across the area. Colorado wine tasting tours are growing in popularity, providing those who want to see a unique side to this state something flavorful to sample. In fact, you can find a wide variety of wineries that help make Colorado unique among states that produce wine.

However, if there is any difficulty in enjoying a wine tasting Colorado tour, it is the fact that the wineries can be found across a broad portion of the state. So, it will take more than one day to sample all of what this state has to offer.

What Makes Colorado Wineries Special?

First and foremost there is no real tradition across the state as you might find in some other areas of the country. Whereas in many place a single winery might have influenced plenty of others over the years, Colorado seemingly breaks its rules with every winery that is built. While you can find many traditional vineyards and wineries across the state, there are also those such as in Palisade that blends chardonnay and apples together to make a unique tasting wine.

From the wide open spaces of the Colorado frontier to the urban location in Denver where a company operating out of a Quonset hut is creating top flight vino, there are many different aspects to the number of wineries in the state. Another interesting trend is biodynamic farming which is a process that is found in Hotchkiss has opened up a new world in terms of how to create excellent wine.

Where to find California Wine Tasting Tours

There are many places to start your wine tasting Colorado tour which can be a part of an official touring package or one you can take yourself.

Northwest Colorado: The Front Range as it is called along the I-25 corridor, you can find plenty of wineries starting in Castle Rock as the highways winds its way down through the state to Denver, Boulder and eventually Estes Park. The wineries here mostly have the incredible backdrop of the Rocky Mountains that make the view alone spectacular.

Four Corners & Southwest Colorado: Here, your adventure begins in Durango and heads out west to Cortez. The area where the four states meet near Mesa Verde National Park is a place where you can find several wineries.

South Central: Around Pike’s Peak you can find a number of tasting rooms that are growing by the day. However, if you go further south along the Arkansas River to places like Canon City and Salida you can find some of the oldest wineries in the state.

Western Slope: If there is a place where Colorado wine tasting begins, it is along the Western Slope or Grand Valley area near Grand Junction and Palisade. You’ll find a number of wineries along different trails that will peak your adventurer’s spirit while tasting some of the best wine that the state has to offer.

Colorado certainly offers the taste of adventure along with some excellent wineries that you can enjoy on your next vacation to the state.