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West Virginia Wineries

West Virginia is a state that carries one of the coldest climates of the southeastern states. Its nickname as the mountain state exemplifies the cold weather that it suffers from. Despite the weathers negative effect on agriculture, West Virginia wineries have made an impact throughout the state particularly in modern times. Today, there are over 20 wineries in West Virginia and many more in development. It takes many years for a vineyard to start producing a great deal of wine, but through patience and superior cultivation methods, West Virginia Vineyards have managed to cultivate thousands of gallons of fruit every year.

The popularity of West Virginia wineries continues to expand, and with it wine festivals and conferences have popped up to draw attention to the emerging wine culture. In fact, cities like Charleston and Morgantown now have annual wine festivals that combine food, music, and vino for an amazing time. With more wine specific events comes more attention from consumers who are interested in tasting local wine labels and varieties.

In contrast to the amount of wineries in West Virginia, is the number of West Virginia Vineyards. There are roughly 200 acres of vineyards actively producing grapes throughout the state. This means only one thing, that the majority of West Virginia wineries are crafting their wine from grapes produced elsewhere. Fortunately, this doesn’t present much of a challenge for wineries in the state, as it is still an emerging industry.

If you are thinking about tasting West Virginia wine right from the source, the best way to do so is by taking a tour of West Virginia wineries. With so many options available, you can’t go wrong by taking a tour or two while you are in the state. Browse through out selection below to find the right tour for you.