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Washington State’s climate is characterized by cold, wet winters, and warm sunny summers. Because of its climate and location, Washington ranks as the second largest wine producer in the country, just behind California. In fact, wine production and cultivation results in over 129,000 tons of wine every year in Washington. But when and where did Washington wineries get their start, and what can we expect from wineries in Washington in the future?

A Brief History of Washington Wineries

While other regions throughout the United States got their start in the early or late 19th century, Washington State didn’t achieve success within the wine industry until the late 1970s. It wasn’t until a group of professors took their love for wine into the field by starting the first successful Washington Vineyard. From there, popularity and love for wine spread like wildfire throughout the area and soon white wines like Rieslings and Chardonnays were all over the countryside and in stores. As time has moved forward, some of the biggest wineries in Washington are in fact some of the best in the world.


Today, Washington wineries make up a multi-billion dollar industry for the local economy and are only continuing to expand each and every year.

Why Tour Washington Vineyards and wineries?

Before grapes can be turned into heavenly wine they must first be cultivated, and in Washington there are hundreds of vineyards that play an integral part in this process. With our selection of both wineries in Washington and vineyards we connect you with the very best Washington wine, and invite you to indulge your senses in the process. Take a look at our list of the diverse selection of Washington wineries below to discover the perfect place for wine tasting in the state.