Washington Wine Tasting

Washington Wine Tasting

There are certainly many valleys and regions in the United States which have developed a strong reputation for the quality of their vineyards and wineries. However, the state of Washington certainly boasts one of the larger areas for their vineyards and for good reason since it is one of the most visited places in the state for those taking Washington wine tasting tours.

Although vineyards can be found across the state, the heart can be found in the Tri-Cities, Yakima and Walla Walla Valleys. It is here where over 240 recognized wineries exist and has helped to develop the strong reputation for Washington wine thanks to the many awards and numerous recognitions that have celebrated the wine grown in this region.

Washington Wine Country:

This region of Washington has developed such a reputation that it is commonly called Washington Wine Country and for good reason. The relatively dry climate combined with the unique countryside and year-round weather has created the perfect conditions for growing grapes. For those who enjoy Washington wine tasting, it represents what many believe is the prototypical wine of the Pacific Northwest.

The reputation of the region has been enhanced thanks to the first formation of the American Vitacultural Area designation for Yakima Valley in 1983. Today, there are now several other AVA recognized regions that surround the Yakima Valley which include, but are not limited to the following areas;

-        Columbia Valley

-        Walla Walla Valley

-        Red Mountain

-        Horse Heaven Hills

-        Rattlesnake Hills

-        Naches Heights

All of these areas combined with Yakima Valley are represented by over 240 wineries that produce some of the best wine in North America. There are numerous reasons why the wine has such a pleasing flavor that enjoys international acclaim. The region itself is along the same latitude as the famous Bordeaux and Burgundy regions of France. Plus, the unique soil and temperature conditions make this area of the US the perfect place for vineyards.

Wine Tasting Tours:

Taking one of the fabled Washington wine tasting tours is one that will have you sampling some of the best product that is grown in North America. However, the Washington Wine Country is fairly large with the Columbia Valley sporting over 160 wineries alone. So, visiting all of them or at least the majority may be an adventure that takes a considerable amount of time.

However, even just visiting a few wineries in the region offers many delights as the Tri-Cities area alone is still fairly young and vibrant. There are numerous festivals and events that take place during the year which only heighten the experience of touring this remarkable region of the US. The unique countryside alone is well worth travelling through which is only enhanced by the experience of visiting the wineries, meeting the winemakers and touring the vineyards, warehouses and labs where you can sample some of their wine.

There are few things that wine lovers will enjoy more than sampling some Washington wine tasting as they visit this unique part of the Pacific Northwest.