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Virginia Wineries


Virginia is one of the south’s pride and joys, offering up historical estates and gorgeous scenery. From its plush subtropical climate in the southern half of the state to its eastern border full of small farms, Virginia is one of the best places for wine cultivation. In fact, Thomas Jefferson himself saw the potential in Virginia and started his own Virginia vineyard during his lifetime. The state’s history with wine predates Jefferson, however, and stretch back to the 1600s.

Today, there are over 230 different Virginia wineries and an equally astonishing number of vineyards sprinkled throughout the state. The diversity and incredible flavors of Virginia wine is not to be understated, and with so many wineries in Virginia it is quite obvious how perfect this climate is for wine cultivation and production.

The majority of Virginia wineries cover a large amount of acreage due primarily to the diverse terrain of the region. The sheer number of wineries in Virginia has created dozens of unique wine trails that go up and down the state and stretch from border to border. This makes Virginia one of the south’s premier wine destinations. In fact, there are 7 AVA certified regions throughout Virginia.


An interesting fact about Virginia Vineyards is that they do not produce near enough fruit to keep the over 230 wineries busy bottling wine. In an effort to counteract this deficit, many wineries are now importing their grapes from China. However, the majority of the small family owned wineries produce their own or purchase grapes from local vineyards.

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