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Vermont Wineries

Small, historic, and gorgeous are three words that perfectly describe the state of Vermont. From its inception, Vermont has enjoyed prestigious acclaim across the country for its incredible landscape and fertile soil. Today, wineries in Vermont have developed a unique combination of wine that has drawn attention from all over the world. Although the community of Vermont Vineyards isn’t very big, it more than makes up for its size in the wine that it does produce.

As a small eastern state, Vermont enjoys cultural and geographic diversity. This blend of people and fruit has helped the state become a go-to location for wine production and cultivation. Some Vermont wineries craft their wine from New York grapes but the majority use only Vermont fruit. In addition to the diverse grape fruits planted and harvested in Vermont, there are also plenty of local beekeepers and fruit growers who provide wineries with a plethora of wine flavors and varieties.

Many wineries in Vermont have won awards for their palate pleasing blends of fruit based wines, and each year the crop is diversified with new vineyards and wineries developed. Currently, there are more than 10 wineries throughout the state that craft a whole host of unique wines and varieties. Two intriguing wines that Vermont specializes in are ice wine (which is wine from grapes that are not cut until they freeze) and ice cider made from frozen apples. The most popular types of fruit cultivated in Vermont, however, are Leon Millot, Baco Noir, Zweigelt, and Chardonnay.

From sweet dessert wines to unique ice wines, Vermont wineries have it all. To get an up-close and personal taste and look at Vermont wines take a look at our selection of the best vineyard and winery tours in the state below.