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Utah Wineries

Utah has a staunch reputation as a conservative and highly religious state. This reputation is well earned with a massive population of Mormons who make up the majority of the state’s total population. When it comes to wine, Utah wineries have to overcome many hurdles to produce, sell, and distribute their product. The primary reason for this are Utah’s stringent liquor and alcohol laws that make it close to impossible to make any progress in this arena.

Even though modern Mormons and other religious organizations reject the notion that alcohol is good for you, they do make an exception for wine. This is primarily due to its use in religious ceremonies. Interestingly, the first Mormon settlers in Utah actually planted grapes as one of their first projects when coming to the region. Shortly after planting Utah vineyards, the early settlers abandoned their productions simply because the climate was extremely difficult for cultivation.

It wasn’t until the late 1980s and early 1990s that wineries in Utah got their start. It was then that one of the first real commercial Utah wineries made progress in their cultivation. Soon after, private Utah vineyards began to pop up in Utah’s mountain valleys. Although the mountain winters in Utah are extremely dangerous for grapes, vineyards have used several methods for keeping their crops alive starting with the types of grapes they use. The most common fruits include hybrids and viniferous.

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