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Texas is known as the lone star state, which is fitting as the Texas wine industry stands alone as one of the fastest growing states for wineries. Although Texas just recently began experiencing a boom in wine cultivation, this southern state has a long history with the fruit dating back to the 1650s when the first Spanish missionaries planted grapes for their religious ceremonies. Now, however, there is over 4,400 acres of Texas Vineyards cultivating incredible, delicious grapes.

It is important to point out that Texas has its own native grape vines existing in the area for thousands of years, but these vines are no good for commercial wine production. In fact, commercial grapes are so fickle that many Texas wineries have a hard time gaining access to high quality Texas grapes which decreases their wine production rate.

There are several reasons that wine cultivation is difficult in Texas. For starters, the state breeds pests and diseases that are deadly to grapes. Through decades of research, wineries in Texas have finally started to overcome this hurdle by producing varieties of hybrids that are immune to these diseases. In addition to diseases, Texas Vineyards also have to contend with surprisingly cold winters. This is especially dangerous in west Texas where fall brings early freezes.

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Despite the risks, Texas wineries have pulled through and are now cultivating enough fruit to be labeled the fifth greatest grape and wine producer in North America. With over 273 wineries, it is easy to see how the state produces so much wine on an annual basis.

From the Texas Hill Country to the dry and arid landscape of the Texas High Plains, there are plenty of wineries in Texas to tour. If you are visiting the area, consider our list of the best Texas Vineyards and wineries to tour below.