Southern Illinois Winery

If you are one of the many people who have the penchant for wine, there is no doubt that Illinois will make a good choice for a US destination. Gifted with attractions sure to be appreciated by wine-lovers, you will have an endless list of activities in different parts of the state. Whether you are into vintage collector wines, or you are simply looking for one perfect to be paired with your favorite dessert, a visit to wineries in Southern Illinois will be a welcomed treat. With more than 90 wineries in Illinois, a lot of them can be found in the southern part of the region, making it the perfect place to check out if you would like to know more about wines and appreciate what the place has to offer.

A Growing List of Wineries:

Back in the 1990s, there were only five wineries in Southern Illinois, which does not make it a default destination for any wine lover in the United States. Through the years, however, there have been significant improvements and the number has grown exponentially. Much of this growth can be attributed to the support given by the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association and the Illinois Grape and Wine Resources. These wineries are serving their very own handcrafted wines, with a robust flavor comparable to what you can find in the best wineries all over the globe.

Wine Trails to Make the Most Out Of Your Visit:

For anyone who is interested in visiting Southern Illinois winery, the best thing to do is to be part of their wine trails. One of the most popular is the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, which is considered to be the first and the most popular in the state. It started with the idea of attracting more tourists through promoting different wineries in the region, which is also helpful in promoting their wines to the public. In this trail, you will visit 12 wineries, each with a unique promise of being able to make you love wine even more.

Another popular option for having a tour of the wineries in Southern Illinois is the Southern Illinois Wine Trail. Whether you are traveling on your own or as a group, this trail will let you have an unforgettable time sipping locally made wines and seeing how they are made. Aside from wine tasting, you get to be educated, and you take home with you new knowledge from every Southern Illinois winery that you are going to visit.

Aside from visiting wineries in Southern Illinois, you can also consider staying in various vineyard accommodations for the best experience. Attend workshops where you can learn about the different varieties of grapes in the region and the process of wine making. There are also occasional and annual festivals showcasing music, art, and, of course, the wines of Southern Illinois.