Southern Illinois wineries

Southern Illinois Wineries

Southern Illinois offers a lot of attractions for the wine lovers, just like the surrounding states of Iowa, Missouri and Indiana. In every part of the state, including Metropolitan Chicago, wineries can be found in clusters. The region is perfect for growing grapes and the vintners of Illinois love to showcase their creativity by offering a tempting collection of wines. The wines are high in quality and attract wine connoisseurs from far and wide areas.

The Shawnee Hills Region in Illinois is an official Viticulture area of America. It was set up in 2006 and it is Illinois’s first AVA. In simple words, the AVA informs the people about the wines, the grapes, and that they are special and unique. If 80 percent of the wine grapes come from AVA’s regions, the wines can be labelled Estate Bottled. The number of Southern Illinois wineries reached 60 in the latter half of 2008. Visitors love to enjoy an excellent wine experience.

In the southern part of Illinois, located less than sixty minutes away from the Kentucky border, the Shawnee National Forest region is situated. This territory is rugged and lush green, stretching 20 miles from north to south and 80 miles from east to west. From Carbondale, the college town of the area, is the gateway to the north where Southern Illinois University is located.

The major wines available in this region are Chardonel (Dry), Wiener Dog White (Semi-sweet), Villard Blanc (Semi-Dry), Heartland White (Semi-sweet), Vignoles (Semi-Sweet), Vidal Blanc (Semi-Dry), Shawnee Gold (Sweet), Traminette (Semi-dry), Alto Festa , Heartland Blush, Chambourcin, Dawg House Red, Norton, Rocko Red, Chancellor, Heartland Red, Illini Rosso, Reserve Gold, and many more. Excellent wines with excellent flavors make the trip to this winery worthwhile.

Many wineries are nestled amidst serene and beautiful surroundings of the area. This place is meant not only for the wine connoisseurs, but their entire family who can have a fun filled day full of interesting activities. At some places, people also get to taste Tuscan Rose Illinois Concord, Diamante Illinois Vignoles, Perta Rosa Illinois Chamourcin, Zeffiro Illinois Traminette, Rubino Chambourcin, Bianco Traminette Bene Sera White Wine, Contessa Vidal Blanc, Harvest D’ORO Vignoles, Platino White Wine, Argento Seyval, Tesoro Dolce Chebourcin, Prato Verde and many more.

Visiting wineries in Southern Illinois also give an opportunity to learn more about different wines and how they are produced. There are many nuances in wine making and its health advantages, its potency, the way it swirls in the mouth and more, which are unknown to the common people. This knowledge make them enjoy their wine never like before. Wine tours in this area helps people to enhance their knowledge about wines. They come to know that cool nights and bright sunshine is responsible for the excellent taste of wines. Such weather is perfect for producing premium quality wines.

Southern Illinois is fast gaining a prominent position on the map of the winemaking regions with its high quality offerings. Illinois Grape and Wine Resources Council also extend support to help the wineries grow and become successful.