South Dakota Wineries SD

South Dakota Wineries

South Dakota is one of the United States last frontiers, with wide open prairies, crystal clear rivers, and gorgeous rock formations speckling its countryside. In addition to its environmental appeal, South Dakota also enjoys an extensive wine culture. In fact, there are currently more than 25 South Dakota wineries located throughout the state. This number is significant, considering the fact that the state suffers from some of the coldest winters in the country and that it primarily markets its Black Hills country and Mount Rushmore over its ever growing wine country.

Types of South Dakota Wine

South Dakota wineries stick to the most common, traditional wine blends available. This steady strategy has helped the current wine market in the state to expand to its booming popularity level. However, what it lacks in opulence and sophistication, South Dakota Vineyards make up for by producing local favorites like their honey wine that is sweet and delectable.

In addition to grape varieties, wineries in South Dakota also use chokecherries and blackcurrant to develop their product. This creates sweeter tasting wines, rather than the dry full-bodied reds of the southwest corners of the US.

Why Visit South Dakota Wineries?

South Dakota is more than just a state. It is a location that holds historical importance and one of the last frontiers in the world. Its natural beauty and unsurpassed community vibe makes it an excellent place to visit. If you are a wine enthusiast then the state holds additional value to you. South Dakota Vineyards are rare and breath-taking, so why not indulge yourself by making arrangements to visit the best wineries in the state? Check out our list of wineries in South Dakota below to start planning your trip.