South Carolina Wineries SC

South Carolina Wineries

South Carolina is a gorgeous, but hot southern state. Its location on the eastern coast has presented many challenges for wine production throughout the state’s history, and even with modern advancements South Carolina wineries still struggle to produce high yields on a consistent basis. Regardless of the challenges, winemakers have made it their goal to create the best tasting wines available in the southern states.

South Carolina has a long history with agriculture in its many forms, and despite the climate, private label wine continues to be produced throughout the state. The diverse soil types and hot humid summers create a unique environment for wine production, but this is no surprise to the majority of South Carolina Vineyards.

The diversity of Southern wines is understated by the regions many different climates. While some wineries on the west coast focus their energy on rich red wines, southern states devote time to perfecting fruit based wines that include hints of blueberry, cherry, and raspberry. Wineries in South Carolina are no different. Because of the climate and soil, most South Carolina Vineyards combine traditional grape varieties with an extensive selection of superior fruits.

Even with the challenges they face, South Carolina Wineries offer quite a few different types of wine using a variety of fruit variations. These include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Vidal Blanc, Melody, and Vidal Blanc. In other words, wineries in South Carolina cater to nearly all wine palates.

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