Santa Cruz Wine Tasting

Santa Cruz Wine Tasting

Located just south of San Francisco, the county of Santa Cruz was one of the first created back in 1850. The county itself has enjoyed a remarkable history and today is regarded as one of the finest places to live in all of California. However, it is the over 70 wineries and tasting rooms that are located in the region that have helped make this area so special.

For those who have an appreciation for some of the best wineries in the United States, taking a Santa Cruz wine tasting tour is one of the great pleasures that can be experienced. The county itself has reacted quite positively to having tourists in the region and boasts many touring companies, hotels, retail stores and cultural events that celebrate the wineries in the region.

The Santa Cruz Area:

As one of the original counties that were formed in 1850, Santa Cruz actually dates back to the late 18th century in terms of population with the construction of Mission Santa Cruz by the Spaniards in 1791. While the mission itself was destroyed by an earthquake in 1857 and later rebuilt albeit in a smaller scale, there was a burgeoning population that was living in the area even before the great Gold Rush of 1849.

The county itself exists in a strip that runs about 10 miles and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the fabled Santa Cruz Mountains on the north side next to Monterey Bay. Essentially, the area is mostly urban in the north while fertile lands can be found in the southern part of the area where many of the wineries can be found. It is here where residents first started to create vineyards back in the 19th century which is why the wineries in Santa Cruz are some of the oldest in the United States. A strong attachment to history is why Santa Cruz wine tasting tours are so popular in the region.

The Wineries of Santa Cruz:

Boasting over 70 wineries along with tasting rooms, the area is not just one of the oldest in the US, but also one of the most celebrated. Several of the wineries boast award-winning pinot noir and other types of wine that are enjoyed by wine lovers around the world. For those who are lucky enough to go on wine tasting tours, the experience is heightened thanks to the rich diversity of culture mixed in with the celebrations that occur at various times of the year as well.

Most of the local wineries participate in the many celebrations and event that occur during the year with a variety of events. There are numerous art and wine festivals that occur in places such as Boulder Creek, Capitola and Scotts Valley which makes taking a Santa Cruz wine tasting tour even more special. Since the area where most of the wineries are located is relatively small, it is possible to comfortably visit several of them in one day if you so desire.

The combination of art, wine and delicious food is the order of the day for the many different celebrations that occur during the year in the Santa Cruz region. This means that for those who love the award-winning wine that is grown from the many different vineyards, the opportunity to actually visit many of them is something that is greatly anticipated.