Santa Barbara Wineries

Santa Barbara Wineries

If you are under the impression that the only wine country in California is Napa Valley, then you might have to consider again. Santa Barbara Wineries is a spectacular wine growing region in California.


If you are a wine lover visiting or living in Vetura, Los Angeles or Santa Barbara areas, a side trip to the wineries in Santa Barbara will certainly not disappoint you, because you will certainly be able to taste high quality Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, including Italian and Rhone varieties that are also becoming popular. At the same time, you might even find yourself traversing through the vineyards, visiting tasting rooms, which have been featured in one great movie.

A Visit to California Wineries

If you are visiting from the greater Los Angeles area, it is highly advisable to spend the night in the area. There is a wide array of choices when it comes to lodging. Options range from the affordable accommodations where you can get a room for about $100, or the luxurious and upscale resorts where you can get a room at $475 above for one night.

Visiting all of the Santa Barbara wineries in just one weekend is quite impossible. This is because there are just a lot of them to visit. Perhaps you can narrow down your visit by choosing one of the appellations in the country and visit the wineries in Santa Barbara that you can find in that area.

Tips in Visiting Santa Barbara Wineries

One good thing to remember when you are visiting California wineries is that just because you may not recognize a label, you should not pay a visit to a certain winery already. A lot of the wineries in Santa Barbara do not generally distribute their wines in wine shops or supermarkets. They can only be found at the winery, some chosen restaurants, or wine stores. You can still expect to find a wine that you will like since a lot of these wineries have their own website where you can have the wine ordered and shipped directly to you.


Perhaps you may not have heard about the Kenneth Volk or Cottonwood Canyon, they are Santa Barbara wineries, which are located up towards Santa Maria. These two are just examples of the wineries, which may be separated from the rest of the more accessible wineries. Both of these wineries have very good tasting rooms and high-quality collections of wine.

If you only have a limited amount of time during your visit to the wineries in Santa Barbara, you may visit one of the shops where you can find sample shops with wines coming from various wineries all gathered together in just one tasting room. This will make your visit to California a very pleasant one.