Santa Barbara Wine Tasting

Santa Barbara Wine Tasting

California is considered arguably the best place for wineries in the United States, although there are no doubt some who may differ. Still, the exceptional wine that is created in this part of the country has led to the widespread growth of vineyards particularly in the Santa Barbara area which boasts some of the finest wine in all of the state.

There are few experiences like going on a Santa Barbara wine tasting tour as the many thousands of people who go on such adventures every year can attest. Located about 100 miles north of the greater Los Angeles area, the Santa Barbara region boasts a number of attributes that have led so many people to call this place their home. However, there is little doubt that the growing conditions for vineyards are some of the best that can be found in North America.

Santa Barbara Vineyards:

The history of the vineyards in Santa Barbara actually goes back to the 18th century which is well before statehood. During this time, the missions founded by Spain sported small communities that began using the land around the Santa Barbara area to grow a number of crops with grapes being a natural choice.  The relatively dry conditions, hilly to mountainous countryside and unique soil were simply perfect for growing grapes with the first vineyard being established even before the end of the American Revolution in 1782.

Afterwards, the growth the vineyards was slow as relatively few people started to move into the area until after the great California Gold Rush of 1849. Once more people began exploring the coastline looking for places to live, the vineyards of the Santa Barbara area began to expand thanks to the influx of new people who understood the unique growing conditions of the land. Today, there are many vineyards that boast the best in Santa Barbara wine tasting that takes advantage of this unique area of the country.

Santa Barbara Wine Tasting Tours:

The Santa Barbara area is actually fairly large in terms of how the vineyards are spread out as compared to several other popular areas in the US. However, a Santa Barbara wine tasting tour is something that many thousands enjoy each year as they take advantage of the year-round warm climate, beautiful scenery and the many events that are sponsored by the communities in the region.

With over 175 wineries, it may only be possible to visit a fraction of them in a week, much less a single day. However, the experience in taking one of the wine tasting tours or visiting the vineyards when they are open to the public is something that many wine lovers truly treasure. With nearly one-quarter of the grapes grown in the region being pinot noir, there is still a wide diversity of wine that is created in this area.

For anyone who wants to experience some of the best wine in the US, taking a Santa Barbara wine tasting tour is one that is not to be missed.