Rhode Island Wineries RI

Rhode Island Wineries

As one of the oldest states in the country, Rhode Island enjoys a rich history that involves politicians, prestigious estates, and gorgeous scenery. Interestingly, Rhode Island also plays host to several sophisticated wineries and vineyards. In fact, some Rhode Island wineries are named amongst the best on the eastern coast.

A Brief History of Rhode Island Vineyards

Rhode Island has a rich geographical landscape that ranges from rolling hills to ocean front cliffs. This landscape was what enticed winemakers to plant their fruit in the fertile soil of the east coast. In 1663 King Charles II gave the order to commence wine production in the new colony of Rhode Island. Warm air from the Gulf Stream, cool summers and extremely long fall seasons bring about near perfect conditions for wine production, and helped contribute to King Charles’ ruling.

Following his order, several Rhode Island wineries popped up and brought about an expansion of the local trade industry.

Modern Rhode Island Wineries

Today, there are more than 5 large wineries for tourists and locals to explore. Although that number may not sound like much, consider the fact that the Providence is only about 1,000 square miles. The Ocean State, as it is known, is not only perfect for wine production but also makes visiting wineries in Rhode Island significantly more fun.

Whether you are considering visiting the state, absolutely love wine and are looking for the perfect tours, or simply would like to learn more about Rhode Island Vineyards, we invite you to browse through our selection of wineries below. The majority of wineries in Rhode Island provide extensive wine tastings, and can accommodate large groups when necessary.

Explore the gorgeous east coast by taking one of our Rhode Island winery tours during your vacation.