Portland Oregon Wineries

Portland Oregon Wineries

Portland, Oregon is one of the most beautiful and renowned cities in the United States, offering not only big-city life, but culture and history that is incredible in and of itself. One of the most incredible facts about Portland is that the area is well-known out west for making amazing, flavorful wines, and the Portland wine region is one of the fastest growing in the industry. From Applegate Valley AVA to Umpqua Valley AVA and every Portland, Oregon winery in between you will be simply amazed at the wines produced and the travel and tasting opportunities available to those who love to sample delicious wines.

Portland, Oregon Winery Region

With over 20,000 vineyards planted on more than 95,000 square miles of land is the Portland, Oregon Wineries. There are over 400 actual Portland, Oregon Wineries total in Oregon, each making delectable wines and sending them near and far. The region is recognized internationally as one of the top wine producing areas, and the land which makes up these areas is some of the very best land for the cultivation of wine grapes anywhere.

Wine making in this state has been recorded as dating as far back and 1840, and Portland, Oregon wineriesare located on land which is under the jurisdiction of the American Vintner’s Areas. The most prolific grapes grown at the Portland, Oregon wineries include Pinot noir grapes, as well as Pinot gris, and in 2005 over 16,000 tons of these grape varieties were produced at Portland, Oregon wineries.

Portland, Oregon Wineries and Tourism

Because of the high number of wineries in the region tourism has become a major part of the industry, serving to not only provide excellent education and sampling of the delicious wines made here, but also providing top-notch education into the wine industry in the region. One can easily make an entire vacation of touring the wineries of their choice while tasting wine samples and indulging in other activities and winery events which have been made available by local growers and associations. Excellent wines and a good time is consistently had by all.

The Portland, Oregon winery tourism industry also plays a major role in the marketing of the wines made in Oregon. Tourists are able to spread the word about these wonderful beverages by mouth, as they have indulged in the experience themselves. This has proven to put the Portland, Oregon winery industry on the map in a manner which no other marketing technique has been able to do.

Whether you have a deep-seated interest in wine or you are planning to go on holiday and need a brilliant travel idea Portland, Oregon wineries is a wonderful option for you. Learn all about the region and the wineries which call the area home. Learn about making wine and some of the techniques used which make the wines from this area stand head and shoulders above the rest. Taste the delicious wines made there, and experience the west coast with a purpose you have never had before. You will soon wonder why it took you so long to visit the Portland, Oregon wineries!