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Pennsylvania Wineries

Like many other states in the union, Pennsylvania Vineyards suffered during and after Prohibition in the early 1900s. In fact, prior to the act Pennsylvania was quickly becoming the number one location for wine production on the eastern coast. The mild climate, rolling hills, and abundance of sunlight created the perfect environment for wine production. Today, however, the reemergence of Pennsylvania wineries is on the rise.


Modern Pennsylvania Wineries

In 2001, wineries in Pennsylvania received a serious boost. A small seemingly obscure, Pennsylvania winery won a prestigious international wine award that drew national attention to the state. The resulting word-of-mouth advertising thrust local wineries into the limelight and with it brought about a higher expectation for Pennsylvania vineyards. After this prestigious award, a slew of other awards followed throughout the state such as the Starwine International Wine Competition sliver award, and many others.

Pennsylvania went from having just 64 wineries in 2000 to over 160 in 2012. This explosion is no coincidence, and is directly related to the massive attention the state has received from winning these awards.

Types of Pennsylvania Wine

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In the past, Pennsylvania wineries specialized in sweeter French dessert wines but today most vineyards produce Chardonnay’s, Pinot Noirs, and Cabernet Franc. These varieties are full-bodied and rich in flavor, and are well tuned for sophisticated palettes. Through experimentation and patience, wineries in Pennsylvania were able to develop the quality and taste of wine now expected within the market.

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