Paso Robles Willow Creek District Wineries

Paso Robles Willow Creek Wineries

The products from Paso Robles Willow Creek wineries have been praised by critics and consumers alike. The district is found west of Templeton and Paso Robles. It has high elevation with mountainous bedrock slopes that are part of the Monterey Formation. Its elevations range from 960 to 1,900 feet, which is lower than the Highlands.

Paso Robles Willow Creek wineries benefit from the optimal growing conditions of the district. It has a high day-to-night temperature change that is not found elsewhere. It also has unique microclimates, long growing season, and diverse soils. The composition of its soils is mostly bedrock from the lower and middle members of the Monterey Formation. It also has alluvial soil along the stream, but most of the soils in the district are calcareous, with clay loams and loams.

Paso Robles Willow Creek District is part of the City of Paso Robles, which is the largest winegrowing region in California. It covers part of the San Luis Obispo County. The grape growing industry in the region dates back to the late 18th century when the first grapes were planted by missionaries from Spain.

It was in 1882 when commercial winemaking was introduced in the region, when Andrew York started planting the vineyard. The land used to be apple orchards with just a small portion allotted for wine grape vines. He found the soil and climate to be suitable for grapes, and that’s why he expanded the wine vineyards. And that’s how the Paso Robles Willow Creek wineries got started.

Warm climate varieties are ideal for the district, but there are some vineyards that can grow cooler-climate varieties, such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Paso Robles Willow Creek wineries produce Grenache – Syrah – Mourvedre blended wines, which are commonly known as GSM.GSM wines are known for their rich, leathery and full bodied flavors. It is ideal when eating steak with bone marrow, cumin and garlic beef strips, or braised lamb shoulder with roasted parsnips.

Despite its nearness to the Pacific Ocean, the climate in Paso Robles Willow Creek is continental and warm. This is due to the hills that are found between the coast and the vineyards. The hills shield the region from coastal influences. This results to hot days and cool evenings in Paso Robles Willow Creek and other districts within Paso Robles.

Paso Robles Willow Creek wineries continue to grow in popularity among wine lovers across the US and the globe. The wine industry has flourished in the area as wineries continue to churn out award winning wines year after year. Be sure to take a wine tasting tour of the area to find out why people love wines from the Paso Robles Willow Creek wineries.