Paso Robles Highlands District Wineries

Paso Robles Highlands District Wineries

Paso Robles is a large and very diverse wine region and is known to have one of the most diverse series of soils that any wine growing region in the United States has. Home to more than 200 wineries, it is located between Los Angeles and San Francisco and produces 40 wine varieties that include Bordeaux, Rhone and Zinfandel.

The diversity of this wine country has led it to be divided into 11 viticultural areas, of which Paso Robles Highlands district is one. Vintners in the Paso Robles wine growing region will now get the chance to indicate clearly where their grapes are grown.

This can be better understood when one sees that the wineries in the east are home to more arid conditions than the ones in the much cooler coastal range to the west and the more moderate climate in the south. Most of the growth is confined to the west of the region, where the afternoon usually brings in cool winds that are ideal to grape growing.

The temperature swings and long, rain-free harvest seasons account for the diversity of fruit. The warm days allow the grapes more hang time to fully ripen, while the cool, crisp nights keep the grape’s acidity and character in check. There is variation in winds and changes in soil that make the diversity in grapes possible. In turn, all this accounts for the highest scoring wines being made from grapes grown at Paso Robles Highlands District vineyards, which are located at a range of elevations from 700 to about 2,000 feet above sea level.

Paso Robles Highlands Districts wineries create award winning blends of wine and with the vineyards in close vicinity and comfortable tasting rooms a little further down, visitors can get the ultimate experience of what it is to live in a winemaking region. The wines made are sure to suit even the most demanding of palates and visitors can visit the wineries and see how the juice is brewed to a perfection.

The region’s historic downtown is studded with boutique shops and wine-tasting rooms, and visitors visiting wineries will also get the opportunity to do the round of the few vineyards that are around, apart of course from indulging in the appetizing wines. Paso Robles diverse climatic and geographical terrains makes this possible.

Justin winery in the Highlands district area has the temperature, winds and soil that are perfect for growing grapes. Hot days and cold nights enable the vines get the right amount of everything that is needed to produce good grapes.

After the division of Paso Robles into 11 wine regions, it has been easier to identify wines grown in an area as being specific to it. Wineries also have tasting rooms that offer wines which reflect the unique quality of grapes growing in that particular location.