Oklahoma Wineries OK

Oklahoma Wineries

Oklahoma sits in the heartland, and is well known for its agricultural industry that includes everything from corn to beats. Oklahoma also enjoys a rich wine culture, and has for the past 114 years. Oklahoma wineries are primarily found in the Northeastern, central, and east central portions of the state.  The rolling hills of the Ozarks make up the most fertile ground for wine production and cultivation.

Prior to the devastating dust bowl of the 1930s, Oklahoma was well on its way to having some of the best wineries in the union. Its production was up considerably, and more farmers were turning to wine cultivation as a source of income. However, after a devastating combination of prohibition and the great dust bowl, Oklahoma wineries were all but wiped off the map.

In the early 1990’s Oklahoma began experiencing a positive wine cultivation environment, and with favorable legislation and a general recognition of the state’s diverse microclimates, Oklahoma once again was on its way to success. Today, there are over 40 wineries in Oklahoma as well as many Oklahoma vineyards. Thanks are definitely in order to the Grape Growers Association that contributes in the form of advertising and marketing campaigns to bring attention to Oklahoma’s wineries.

The most significant and popular types of grapes grown in Oklahoma include French-American hybrids and European types such as vinifera. Rieslings and Chardonnay’s are also extremely popular with Oklahoma vineyards, while some reds like Cabernet Sauvignon are a go-to favorite.

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