Okanagan Wine Tasting

Okanagan Wine Tasting

British Columbia may not seem a likely place upon first glance to be the home of world-class vineyards. The cooler climate and mountainous features evoke images of hard living amid the spectacular scenery. However, inside the raw natural landscape lies the Okanagan Valley which has become one of the most venerated places to grow grapes and produce world-class wine.

For those who make the trip, the Okanagan wine tasting is one that is really special as it opens up a new world amid the rugged mountains of this remarkable part of North America.

Okanagan Country:

The pristine valley which produces the grapes is located in the southern part of British Columbia and is part of the Okanagan Lake as well as the Canadian part of the Okanagan River. Around 350,000 people live in the general vicinity with Kelowna being the largest city. The valley itself is known for its sunny climate amid rather dry conditions that have helped foster some of the best vineyards in North America.

The name “Okanagan” is derived from the native language which roughly translates to “people who live where you can see the top” which is an indication of the surrounding mountainous landscape with Chopaka Peak being the dominant feature. The valley itself is perfect for growing grapes as the many vineyards in the region can attest. The relatively dry climate combined with the slopes that help to sink the chilly air away from the vines has produced the perfect conditions for growing excellent grapes.

The region boasts several Okanagan wine tasting tours thanks to the relatively size of the valley which makes travelling from one winery to another very convenient. A number of hotels and retail stores have sprung up in the area to take advantage of many wine tasting tours that are now part of the culture.

Okanagan Valley Wineries:

About 82% of the vineyards located in all of British Columbia are located in the Okanagan Valley. It is the premiere grape growing area in this part of Canada. You will find world-class vineyards as well as smaller, family-owned operations that are no less impressive located in this region. Consistently ranked in the upper echelon of wineries found in North America, the Okanagan wine tasting experience is really like no other.

The wine tasting tours are mostly in season and take advantage of the beautiful weather that has allowed the vineyards to grow and prosper for most of the year. The location of the valley is just west enough to avoid the harshest of winter weather conditions which make living in the location very special for those who are part of the many wineries in the region.

The valley itself boasts 131 wineries that offer a wealth of different tastes that have captivated wine lovers. For many, a trip to the Okanagan Valley is one that they will never forget as the sampling of wine in such a relatively small location is so relaxing and enjoyable. For those who are looking for a new experience in sampling wine from some of the most respected wineries in North America, an Okanagan wine tasting trip should be part of your agenda.