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All the way back in the 1880s wine enthusiasts saw the potential for the Ohio River Valley to be fruitful in the industry. The cold harsh winters of Ohio had deterred the majority of wine experts from planting their precious grapes in the state’s soil, but it wasn’t long before Ohio wineries had a strong foothold throughout the state. After prohibition was overturned, wineries in Ohio began producing more wines. However, much of this growth can be chalked up to the discovery that French-American hybrids were the best possible grapes to plant in the southern region of the state.

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Through many challenges and discoveries, Ohio Vineyards were able to determine the best location, fruit, and type of cultivation for Ohio wine production and the rest is history. Today, Ohio is home to hundreds of vineyards and wineries and is widely recognized as one of the top ten wine producing states in the US.  This is means that Ohio falls just under California and New York for wine production, which is quite a feat in itself.

The majority of wine cultivated and consumed from wineries in Ohio is based on the Catawba fruit. However, the expansive variety of Ohio wine has grown to include many European grade grapes such as vinifera. This preference for European grape selection has created some extremely popular Ohio Cabernet Sauvignons, Pinot Grigio’s and Pinot Noirs. 

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