Northern Sonoma Wineries

Northern Sonoma Wineries

When it comes to wine, California is arguably the best known in the US for producing great vineyards. Of the many locations in the state, the wineries in Northern Sonoma County are certainly among the most celebrated. Established over 160 years ago, the Northern Sonoma wineries offer a great place for those who want to go on packaged or self-guided winery tours a place they can really enjoy.

One of the largest producers in the Napa Valley area, Sonoma offers quite a few treats for those who love wine. While all of the Sonoma area is considered a backbone of the California wine industry, Northern Sonoma in particular has stood out for its number of great wineries that dot the area.

The AVA status for Northern Sonoma was established in 1990 and consists of roughly 329,000 acres. The northern areas of Sonoma comprise the second largest AVA within the county which includes the better part of 6 other major viticulture locations. However, there are relatively fewer wineries that are actually located in this particular region that a person might suspect.

The Wineries of Northern Sonoma

This history of winemaking in Sonoma itself goes back to 1812 when grapes were planted at Fort Ross by Padre Jose Altimira. The cuttings from the vineyards were then sent to the northern areas of the county and then across California where many vineyards continue to grow. Over the next century, vineyards became far more dominant in the region with the northern areas becoming particularly sought after for their unique tasting wine.

The area is dominated by larger wineries that take up much of the acreage in this region of California. Finding the smaller ones that use the Northern Sonoma AVA recognition can be somewhat difficult unless you do your research. However, they do exist and are scattered around this part of the county.

The Wine of Northern Sonoma

The Northern Sonoma wineries can be found in several different areas that include the following;

-        Dry Creek Valley

-        Knights Valley

-        Russian River Valley

-        Green Valley

-        Chalk Hill and more

You can find several nationally known wineries in Northern Sonoma and the surrounding communities often have events and celebrations which make their wine tasting tours all the more attractive. You’ll also find the grapes which are grown across Sonoma County are also found in the northern areas as well. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel are quite popular and the taste helps set this region apart from the rest of the county.

There are several estates which consist of the vineyard and winery being located on the same farm or in the same AVA location. This is actually a common feature of the Northern Sonoma wineries and helps separate them from many other locations as you can view the entire production from start to finish all in one area.

Northern Sonoma has certainly established itself as one of the best locations for wineries and vineyards not only in the region, but in the United States as well.