North Fork of Long Island Wineries

There are some wine production regions in the US that are more about quantity than quality, with the demand for wines made in that area at an all-time high. The winemakers in those regions do a great job of delivering wines that are of a high quality, despite the pressure to deliver. There are other parts of the country where wine is still considered important, but where the wineries can take the time to really put the focus on quality. At just a touch over 3,000 acres, the North Fork of Long Island wineries are not recognized as a mass producer, but what wine lovers do know is that those wine makers take the time to create wines that are truly delicious.

What is truly amazing about the quality of the wines grown in this region is that they are still very young when compared to the wines made in other parts of the country. The North Fork of Long Island wineries are pulling grapes from vines that were first planted back in 1973. While that may seem like a long period of time to some, it pales in comparison to wineries in California that are using vines that were planted centuries ago. That the North Fork wines are now in the award-winning category tells you a lot about the passion of the winemakers in the region.

There are numerous North Fork of Long Island wineries currently in operation, and they are quickly becoming recognized as some of the best in the country. The wines that are made in this region have started to receive high ratings, and are routinely piling up awards. Their greatest successes have come at the New York Wine and Food Classic contest, with over 110 wins racked up there over the years. Long Island has become a hotbed of wine activity, and the North Fork is a great place to start if you want to introduce yourself to the wines made there.

The majority of the wineries in the North Fork region sit along Route 25, running from Riverhead up through Greenport. The wineries are clustered close together, making it easy to take in a lot of them on a single trip. Getting to Long Island is incredibly easy to, with trains and ferries making regular daily runs to the region. This allows for a perfect day trip, but with so much to see besides the wineries, you may want to stay for a few days. There are certainly plenty of great accommodations to choose from throughout Long Island.

There are numerous wine-related events that take place throughout the year, and many of the North Fork of Long Island wineries put on special events of their own on a regular basis. It really is worth planning ahead so that you can travel through the North Fork wine region at a time when there is even more to see and do than usual. If you have never been to Long Island and know nothing of the wines made there, it really is time you took a trip and a taste.