North Dakota Wineries ND

North Dakota Wineries

Sitting on the border with Canada is the state of North Dakota. Most Americans imagine North Dakota to be a state primarily made up of a wild and vast landscape with little to do and see. However, the state does enjoy a hidden wine industry that is well worth the trip.

North Dakota wineries face a series of climate challenges that range from severely cold winters to hot and dry summers. This combination has made it difficult to produce high quality fruit, but somehow the wine experts of North Dakota vineyards have managed to pull it off. Today there are over 24 wine producers and several distinct wineries throughout the state. With such a unique climate, wineries in North Dakota are forced to get a bit creative, and creativity is precisely what they infuse into their product.

For example, some of the best wineries in North Dakota use locally grown flowers and fruits to create distinct flavors. This is one reason that North Dakota wine is fast becoming a local and international favorite.  Interestingly, the birth of North Dakota vineyards took place only 12 short years ago when the first commercial winery was licensed. Since then, production has taken off at a steady pace resulting in the wine producers mentioned earlier.

The most common wine types cultivated in North Dakota include the state grown Valiant grapes which are hybrids developed in South Dakota. With such a difficult climate, these are the only types that can withstand it long enough to produce wine.

If you want to experience North Dakota wineries for yourself, then we urge you to consider our list of the finest vineyards and wineries throughout the state. Our list of tours is the most comprehensive available and we keep it updated regularly, so browse through our tours today and discover North Dakota wine for yourself.