New Mexico Vineyards

New Mexico Vineyards

New Mexico is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the United States of America. Imagine visiting a vineyard that traces back to the 1500’s. As the first few Spanish explorers and settlers made the sunny Rio Grande Valley their home, they brought along the European grapes and that is when the activity of growing grapes for making wine began. There are many vineyards across New Mexico and some of them are as follows.

The San Ysidro vineyards are located on the edge of the White Rock Canyon. You can see a spectacular view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the river from the tasting room. In fact, anyone is welcome to visit the vineyard for wine tasting as well as to pursue the other related activities on the vineyard.

The Madison Vineyards and winery is a small vineyard that is operated by a family and they produce less than 2,900 gallons of wine per year. With four acres of the vineyard bordering the Pecos River, the vineyard produces wine from the finest French grapes. The vineyard has two tasting rooms.

The Santa Fe vineyards are located a few kilometers away from the highway and they have their own wine making facility, gift shop, and tasting room along with a picnic area.

The Anderson Valley vineyards are nestled in the Northern Rio Grande Valley. In order to reach the vineyards, you would need to take the exit called Montgomery from the Interstate 25. Then, you should head west to the Rio Grande Boulevard. Turning north, you could see the vineyard from a distance. Join the people in the vineyard tasting room for sales, tastings, parties, or simply to enjoy the sunset.

The Las Nutrias Vineyard is a family operated winery that is situated in the historic village of Corrales in New Mexico. The grapes that are produced in this region are award-winning and the wine has been voted the best wine in the past twice at the Albuquerque Best Fest. You can visit the vineyard for complementary wine tasting and you could even buy gifts for your friends or relatives from this vineyard. It is one of the best New Mexico vineyards.

The Ponderosa Valley Vineyards and winery was formed in 1993 and has consistently won awards for the best Riesling wines year after year. You can enjoy tasting the best wine on this vineyard and also the view overlooking the vineyard. You could even have a mini picnic at this vineyard, which is also one of the best New Mexico vineyards

The Sabinal vineyards are one of New Mexico’s largest organic vineyards. Even apple juice is processed here. You could get custom bottling of your favorite wine in the tasting room and savor the other delicious fruit juices that are produced at this vineyard.

The Sandia Shadows Vineyard is also a vineyard that has an attractive tasting room and overlooks the Sandia Mountains. You could have picnics, parties, etc. at this vineyard. Besides, they have a special canopy tent to cater to your partying needs.