New Jersey Wineries NJ

New Jersey Wineries

New Jersey is a gorgeous state with a diverse geographical landscape. It’s climate has attracted the attention of vineyard owners for over 200 years, and today New Jersey wineries are virtually everywhere. However, the road to success was not an easy one, and many vineyards have come and gone throughout the 200 year history of wine production in New Jersey.

Early History of New Jersey Vineyards

In 1758 New Jersey wineries made their first impact on the wine industry. The state legislator fought to encourage wine cultivation throughout the region as it would increase state revenue and build up the local economy. They were successful, and in a matter of 100 years the state saw a serious influx of vineyards and wine production. Immigrants from Italy and Germany made their way to New Jersey in hopes of building their own successful business, and many of them did. In fact, today there are several wineries in New Jersey that have roots reaching back over 150 years.

Modern New Jersey Wineries

Today, New Jersey is named as one of the foremost wine production states just behind California and neighboring New York.  The state collectively produces over 2 million gallons of wine every year, and has successfully turned production into a multi-million dollar industry.

The most common fruit varieties produced from New Jersey wineries include red Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, and Vidal Blanc for white wine.  Although these grape breeds produce the highest amount of wine they are far from the only types cultivated on New Jersey Vineyards.

If you wish to experience the many gorgeous and tasty New Jersey wines available, then consider taking a tour of one of the state’s wineries. Our list of the best tours is available below, and we look forward to helping you plan your wine experience in New Jersey.