New Hampshire Wineries NH

New Hampshire Wineries

New Hampshire is one of the nation’s smallest states, and its geographic location hasn’t enticed many wine enthusiasts to cultivate fruit in its soil. However, since the mid 1990s New Hampshire wineries have been on the rise and have produced hundreds of thousands of gallons of wine. The result? New Hampshire’s wineries have given birth to a budding industry that continues to expand every year.

New Hampshire does not have any assigned American Viticultural regions as of yet, but that has not stopped the state’s foremost wineries from producing their own association of sorts. Thankfully, many New Hampshire vineyards are now beginning to experience greater interest from the rest of the country and an increase in their wine sales.

New Hampshire Wineries Started with Humble Beginnings

The first two wineries in New Hampshire started with less than 100 acres combined, but have since expanded to thousands of acres of prime land for fruit production. In a matter of just 20 years these vineyards have expanded and sparked a revolution within New Hampshire’s wine industry. Today, these wineries sell thousands of bottles every year and only continue to grow every year.

Types of New Hampshire Wines

New Hampshire wine typical falls under the following categories and grape varieties, Niagara, Chancellor, Diamond, De Chaunac, and Marechal Foch. The most popular wines include white wines such as Aurore, La Crescent, and Seyval Blanc and red wines such as Noiret and Frontenac. The taste and scent of these wines are unique to the state, and anyone who loves quality wine will enjoy their flavor.

If you want to experience one of New Hampshire’s vineyards for yourself, start by browsing through our selection of winery tours. Our list includes the best wineries in New Hampshire, so start planning your trip with us today!