Nevada Winery Guide

Nevada Wineries Guide

Many people would not believe that the dry weather and land in Nevada can support the growth of anything except cactus and desert shrubs. However, this is not the case when it comes to Southern Nevada, as this Nevada winery guide will reveal in a short while. This region of the predominantly arid state is home to numerous vineyards and wineries that are continuously producing a rich collection of wines that are taking wine enthusiasts by storm. Many farmers are using revolutionary farming techniques to grow outstanding grapes that are propelling the state into one of the well-known wine producing area in the USA. Sure, it might be as famous as the popularly known wine-producing counties in California, but it is still making waves all the same.

The establishment of wineries in the State of Nevada begun back in the nineties when a few brave farmers began to experiment with some grape plant varieties. The plants had to be able to survive in the dry Mojave Desert, and these early ventures against all odds became successful in over the next decade, and more and more farmers came to the area to establish vineyards and wineries. Today as this Nevada winery guide reveals, vast areas in Southern Nevada are populated with green vineyards producing high-quality grapes for use in making a wide variety of wines.

Some of the well-known Nevada wineries are producing a variety of wines while some only produce one or two types. The first variety of wine to ever be produced with grapes growing in Nevada is the Zinfandel, which was commercially produced for the first time in 2005. This was closely followed by a Syrah from the same winery. Other varieties not to be left out of this Nevada wineries guide include Ruby Cabernet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Primitivo, Temperanillo and a host of other varieties. Truly, the desert that is Nevada is proving to be one productive wine producing region by account of this tantalizing variety on offer.

Nevada wineries are not only producing wonderful wines today but also have attracted a wide variety of tourists coming in to witness the ingenuity characterized by innovative farming techniques that make it possible to establish healthy and productive wineries in the middle of the dessert. The desert resistant varieties being grown in this region not only represent an agricultural triumph but also speak volumes to the belief and determination of the farmers who have taken it upon themselves to reclaim vast desert lands and create great tasting wines as a result. This Nevada winery guide is testament to the growing agritourism spurred by the success of the local vineyards.

As it is, there are a growing number of bed and breakfast spots popping up around this wine producing region as more enthusiasts gain interest in the revolution being witnessed.