Nevada Wineries NV

Nevada Wineries

Nevada is a hot, dry, and sunny state with little rain throughout the year. Interestingly, it has recently become a popular spot for wineries. In fact, many Nevada wineries are now referring to themselves as California’s other wine country.

Nevada’s climate obviously makes for an uphill battle for Nevada Vineyards, but hard work and patience truly pays off. The state now has a series of four commercial wineries that are working with new methods to come with incredible tasting wine that is hardy and full-bodied. Only a few select fruit varieties are capable of growing in the dry soil of the state, but the ones that can produce an amazing amount of wine.

Wineries in Nevada are becoming increasingly popular every year, and through a combination of scientific research and experimentation some of Nevada’s vineyards are producing award-winning wines. This incredible feat is challenging more wineries to compete to create better tasting wine that meets the demands of the industry.

Although the history of Nevada wineries is somewhat short-lived, the process of not only cultivating and making wine from the hardy fruit but also making it taste delicious, is well worth experiencing in person. If you are making your way to or through Nevada State, why not stop in and experience one of Nevada’s wineries for yourself? You will be amazed at the diversity, flavor, and aroma of the full-bodied wine that these vineyards produce.

Take a look at our selection of the finest wineries in Nevada to experience their production method and final product firsthand. Our tours are affordable and thorough, so find one and sign up today!