Nevada Wine Makers

Nevada Wine Makers

Nevada wine speaks specifically in reference to wines made in the Nevada region of the United States, and is under the authority of the American Viticultural Areas of the country. While the state of Nevada itself only boasts four total commercial wineries, Nevada wine makers host the Nevada Wine Makers Contest on a yearly basis, and also boasts some of the finest and most unusual wines ever developed and created.

Learning to Make Wine in Nevada

Nevada wine makers may opt to attend ‘Grape Expectations’, which is the Nevada School of Winemaking. Here they are taught all of the ins and outs of being a Nevada wine maker, and there are five steps, or classes, involved in the program. Aspiring Nevada wine makers will learn Winemaking 101, Smashing Good Time (teaches how to load and operate the grape crusher), Meet the Press (involves operation of the grape presser), Nice Rack (lessons on racking the wine), and Con-Graduation Day (learning to load the actual bottles with wine). The five-step process is taught to Nevada wine makers of individual sessions which take place over a period of months, allowing for the wine made to ferment and age a bit during that time.

Nevada Vines and Wines

Nevada Vines and Wines in a non-profit organization which has joined forces with the University of Nevada, Reno to promote winemaking and viticulture in Nevada State. Nevada wine makers working with the non-profit have planted a large number of grapevines, with higher planting goals set for the future.They also intend to open a winery of their own, collaborating with the university and others, including various groups and individuals. The non-profit’s proceeds currently go to the University of Nevada, Reno.

Wine Making Equipment and Supplies

Nevada wine makers who need to locate and purchase equipment and supplies for their wine-making ventures can find everything they need at a number of various locations. Khoury’s Fine Wines and Spirits has two locations in the Las Vegas area, selling not only equipment, but wines and spirits themselves. Nevada wine makers can also locate the supplies they need at The Wine Cellar & Tasting Room, Unwined, LLC, Viene Wine Vera, and two different 5 Star Liquor locations. For anyone needing anything for the wine-making process there is an abundance of resources throughout the state which should be investigated and taken advantage of. Nevada wine makers can also go online and find the wine-making resources they need in order to produce the finest wines they possibly can.

For anyone who is currently a winemaker or is aspiring to be a Nevada wine maker there are plenty of excellent roads one can take to help get them on their feet. From non-profit assistance to education to the supplies you need to produce wine, everything is readily available to the wine maker in Nevada State. If you are interested in becoming a Nevada wine maker, or you would like more information, feel free to go online and visit the sites for Grape Expectations and Nevada Vines and Wines. You will find all the knowledge you desire is easily accessible. Before long you will be tasting and enjoying your own wine, made right in Nevada!