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Nebraska Wineries

Nebraska wineries have had a long and difficult history. Although there is potential within the state’s borders for quality wine production, a series of natural and manmade disasters have prevented Nebraska vineyards from flourishing the way they ought to.

Reaching back to the late 1880s, wineries throughout the state faced long hot summers and extremely cold winters. This left little time for cultivating and harvesting wine fruit. This was the first hurdle that viticulturists had to overcome. Once an understanding of the seasons and the fruits reaction to them was fully understood, wineries had the upper hand. However, when prohibition took place many wineries in Nebraska were destroyed and shut down. Once the ban was lifted, wineries started up again but then faced a severe storm that wiped out most of the crops that were left.

Fast forward to today and there are now over 25 commercial Nebraska wineries. Through hard work and a determined attitude, the people of Nebraska have brought back one of their greatest productions and with it has come an influx in revenue to the state.

Although there are several different grapes harvested for wine making in Nebraska, the most common include French-American hybrid types, La Crosse, Vignoles, and St. Croix. However, many wineries are now taking part in unique breeding programs to create new types of Nebraska wines such as Rieslings and European reds.

If you want to experience Nebraska vineyards firsthand, then consider our list of the best wineries in Nebraska below. The result of an ever expanding industry is new vineyards opening up to the public every year. Take a look through our expansive list of the best wineries in Nebraska and taste the goodness of their fruits for yourself.