Montana Wineries MT

Montana Wineries


Many consider Montana to be one of America’s last frontiers, and with an incredible landscape that includes mountains valleys and rivers, the state certainly has plenty of locations for adventure. The same could be said of Montana wineries. Growing and successfully cultivating vineyards and wineries in a climate as harsh as Montana’s is no easy feat. However, through perseverance and determination, the men and women behind Montana vineyards have been successfully growing wine for decades and their work only continues to expand every year.

Montana’s Fruits and Varieties


They say that sticking to the tried and true is always a good idea, and Montana vineyards have adhered to that philosophy in the grape cultivation. The most popular fruit varieties include pinot noir, pinot girs, gewürztraminer and chardonnay. Wineries in Montana have found that these varieties easily acclimate to the harsh climate and if taken care of properly, they will produce the best harvest of any fruit type.

The Future of Montana Wineries

As new fruits are bred and tampered with, Montana stands to benefit. Montana’s unique climate and geography is primarily a negative for wine cultivation, but some see it as a challenge to be conquered. New wineries in Montana are doing everything they can to see to it that the state plays an important role in future wine production in the country. Although there are currently only 8 official licensed wineries in the state, new fruit varieties pop up every year and it is likely only a matter of time before that number expands greatly.

If you want to experience the rugged landscapes of Montana while sipping on some of their finest wine, then consider taking a tour of one Montana’s wineries. Our list below provides you with an insider’s view of the ever expanding Montana wine industry.