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 Mississippi Wineries

Mississippi is located near the gulf coast, and as a result endures hot and severely humid temperatures throughout spring, summer, and fall. This climate has made wine production nearly impossible, but some viticulturists have found a way around it. Prior to prohibition in 1920, there were quite a few Mississippi wineries and even one that became a popular resort getaway. However, once prohibition took effect, the state’s vineyards were forced to shut down taking their wine production with them.

Modern Mississippi Vineyards

Today, wineries in Mississippi are diverse and produce thousands of gallons of wine every year. The primary fruit harvested for southern wine is the muscadine berry. This berry grows freely throughout the south, and is often loving referred to as the “Passion fruit of the South.” The berry flourishes in Mississippi’s hot and humid climate and produces a range of semi-dry to semi-sweet wines similar to white zinfandels.

The rich and diverse history of wine making in Mississippi stretches back hundreds of years, and although there are only 3 Mississippi wineries, each one has its own unique story and flavor. Prohibition took a strong toll on wineries in Mississippi and as a result the business is only recently making a comeback. In fact, many Mississippi vineyards correlate to important events in the nation’s history.

Why Tour Mississippi Vineyards?

Although there may not be hundreds of vineyards throughout Mississippi, each one has its own story to tell. Most of these wineries and vineyards have been in one family for decades, and come with a blend of historic value and entertaining stories. If you want to delight and diversify your palette, then consider taking a tour of one of Mississippi’s wineries. The unique flavor of southern wine cannot be duplicated. It is something you have to experience for yourself.

Browse through our selection of the best wineries in Mississippi and consider taking a tour during your stay.