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Maryland is a small state on the eastern coast of the United States. Although she is small she is fierce, in the wine industry anyways. Maryland wineries are quickly becoming the most recognized wineries in the states, and with good reason. Since the first Maryland vineyard came into existence in 1945 the state has enjoyed an influx of superior wine production. Everything from the type of grapes used to the delicate process of turning the fruit into wine is painstakingly cared after, and the result is nothing short of amazing.

Today Maryland Vineyards produce more than $50 million worth of goods every year, which is no small feat for an industry its size. Although the state’s first winery didn’t come into existence until 1945, the history of wine making in Maryland dates back to 1648 when the first grapes were turned into delicious wine. In modern history, Maryland wines started having major market success during the 1980s, and today the market continues to grow.

Maryland Vineyards take advantage of the newly founded wine festivals throughout the state, with the most prominent drawing over 25,000 people every year to Maryland. People flock to taste the many varieties that the state offers including Chardonnay, Cabernet’s and one-of-a-kind meads. The stout Mediterranean varieties of wine cultivated throughout Maryland makes many of these varieties possible.

Vineyards in Maryland

Planning a visit to Maryland and are looking for a great way to see the state while enjoying the unique flavors of the countryside? Then consider taking one of our Maryland winery tours. We will connect you with the best Maryland wineries in the state, and provide you with one-of-kind guides to walk you through the available selections.

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