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Maine Wineries

Like many other climates throughout the United States, Maine suffers from severely cold winters yet enjoys mild summers. This unique climate has created a less than ideal situation for many Maine wineries. However, viticulturist were able to navigate this situation by using a blend of both hybrid and vinifera grapes. The result is hardy fruit that can be used at many wineries in Maine.

Today, there are over 20 unique Maine wineries and comparable vineyards throughout the state. That amount may not sound like much, but one must remember that Maine is one of the smallest states in the nation. In fact, that amount is more than many states in the south offer and it isn’t any wonder considering the palate that the state’s citizens have for delicious wine. With seafood as one of the favorite food groups, whites are one of the most popular wine varieties in Maine.

The history of Maine Vineyards doesn’t extend back in time very far, as the industry is in the beginning stages at this current time. However, the popularity and success that Maine wines have had shows that there is serious appetite for the selections and aromas coming out of the state.

For those planning a trip to Maine to experience incredibly fresh seafood and rich history, we suggest taking a tour of one of the many new wineries now available throughout the state. With wine grape varieties including De Chaunac, Niagara, and Concord there are plenty of tastes to enjoy. Take a look at our selection of winery tours in Maine to find the perfect location and Maine wineries to stroll through. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of Maine wine history and take a tour during your visit.