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Louisiana Wineries 

Louisiana isn’t well known for its wine production, mainly because it is severely lacking. The hot and humid climate of the state makes it close to impossible for viticulturists to make any progress with cultivation, and the host of diseases that the state is full of, such as Pierces’ disease and many others, makes it even more difficult to produce high quality grapes. However, there are a select few Louisiana wineries that have successfully maintained their status amongst the best wineries in the south.

The amount of Louisiana vineyards may not be particularly strong, but the quality that comes from them is certainly on par with the best in the nation. As mentioned, wineries in Louisiana suffer through many challenges to ensure that their crop is clean, pesticide free, and of the highest quality. The best location in the state for fruit production is near the Mississippi. However there is no ‘premier’ geographical spot for wine cultivation in the state.

Today, only a handful of Louisiana wineries are in existence with even fewer Louisiana wines coming to market. The state may be well known for its delicious food and wine connoisseurs, but it is more of a thoroughfare rather than the hub for wine production.

However, if you are planning on making a trip to Louisiana and are looking for a great way to get to know the state more intimately, then touring one of the few wineries in Louisiana is an excellent way to do so. Check out our list of the best Louisiana wineries and Louisiana vineyards available. We guarantee you will enjoy your visit and the wonderful tasting wines available.