Lake Erie Wine Tasting

Lake Erie Wine Tasting

When it comes to experiencing the fine wines of the United States, one of the oldest and most respected vineyards can be found in the Lake Erie region which stretches from the northeastern tip of Ohio through Pennsylvania and into the western tip of New York. Once known as the Chautauqua-Lake Erie Wine Trail, today the Lake Erie Wine Country forms one of the pillars of wineries found in the US.

This remarkable land is rich in diversity with plenty of excellent wineries amid the villages and beaches that can be found near the shores of Lake Erie. This is a place that time seems to have passed by in terms of its raw scenic beauty and the area boasts the Lake Erie wine tasting tours which must be experienced to be believed.

Lake Erie Wine Country:

There are over 30,000 acres of vineyards in the region, boasting some of the best tasting wine in the United States thanks to the unique geography of the area. The rolling hills combined with the nearby lake have made this area of the US a perfect place for vineyards and many wineries have been established in the area.

Most of the grapes that are grown in vineyards are of the Labrusca variety which has helped make the Lake Erie wine tasting so unique. However, over the past half-century a number of other types of grapes have been planted to take advantage of the rich soil. The result has been an explosion of different types of wine from Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Chardonnay to name a few. Plus, there has been an expansion of hybrids that have become quite popular as well, including Vignoles and Vidal that are of the white variety which seemingly do well in the growing conditions found around Lake Erie.

However, the red varieties have also done very well also as they include, but are not limited to the following types;

-        Lemberger and Dornfelder

-        Carbernet Franc and Merlot

-        Hybrids of Cambourcin and Noiret

The grapes that grow in the vineyards of this region are rich, juicy and plentiful which is why more people are taking Lake Erie wine tasting tours than ever.

Winery Tours:

While spread across three states, the actual area where the wineries can be found is relatively small which makes it easy to visit several in a single day. Most of the wineries are located between Harborcreek, Pennsylvania in the west to Silver Creek, New York on the eastern edge which represents about 50 miles of countryside from one end to the other.

The roughly 25 wineries that are located along this stretch are truly something to behold as you can enjoy a short tour and a taste of some fine wine that has is well regarded all across the US. While the wineries are certainly the main part of the attraction, going on a Lake Erie wine tasting tour also means visiting the many small Victorian-era villages and towns that have been around for nearly two centuries. Add to this the various events and celebrations that frequent the area and you have an experience that is unlikely to be forgotten.