Kentucky Wineries KY

Kentucky Wineries

Kentucky is a visually stunning state, with smoky mountains and miles of lush subtropical forests that are perfect for hiking and sight-seeing. Kentucky is also an excellent place to sample a few delectable wine varieties. In fact, Kentucky wineries were some of the first in the nation and Kentucky is even home to the very first wine trail.

Here’s a little known fact, Kentucky is home to the innovator who spawned the commercial wine production industry in 1798, Marquis de Lafayette. Marquis created the first Kentucky vineyard and the rest is history. Today, there are hundreds of Kentucky Vineyards and subsequent wineries throughout the state, providing a rich experience for anyone with an appreciation for fine wine.

Kentucky Wines

With over 45 individual wineries in Kentucky, there are plenty of wine varieties to select and enjoy. The majority of Kentucky Vineyards focus on producing Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and of course Chardonnay.  The climate in Kentucky is picture perfect for producing this diverse selection of wine. The mild winters and hot and humid summers can make wine production slightly arduous, but the Ohio Valley portion of the state provides an excellent location for vineyards and wineries to make their magic.

To experience the incredibly diverse selection of wineries in Kentucky check out our various list of the best wineries in the state. From award-winning vineyards, to internationally recognized wineries, our selection is by far one of the best available. We connect you with tours that are more than just simple wine sampling sessions. In fact, a majority of the wineries on our list offer gourmet meals and guided tours that provided historic information on the winery and the area.

Browse through our selection of the best Kentucky wineries below, and experience the taste and aroma of Kentucky grown wines.