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Kazzit is your online wine community, connecting wineries, vineyards, restaurateurs, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Kazzit Vision

Kazzit is the most comprehensive online informational resource within the wine community by connecting wineries, vineyards, restaurateurs, collectors, and enthusiasts and to help them share information about their services, products, experiences and consumer needs.

About Kazzit

Kazzit was founded by long time friends Babak Motamedi, a wine-lover and entrepreneur, and Peter Kasperski, the proprietor of Scottsdale’s Kazimierz World Wine Bar and owner of one of the largest collections of fine wine in the United States.  Recognizing the need for a comprehensive source of information for all things wine, Kazzit was created to bridge the information gap between wine producers and consumers. Still in its first year of operation, Kazzit is helping select vineyards and wineries tell their stories to an international audience of consumers. The only thing we love more than wine is people, so please contact us to hear more about how Kazzit can help your business reach a vast international audience of buyers, collectors, and wine enthusiasts.

What does Kazzit offer?

Kazzit adds value for both producers and customers alike. For producers, Kazzit provides a professional-looking platform where your winery or vineyard can be easily discovered by actively looking customers. With a variety of service offerings, Kazzit provides simple yet beautiful customer-oriented knowledge management solution for every size business, from boutique local growers to nationwide industry leaders. 

For buyers, Kazzit matches customers with specific wineries and vineyards via customizable searches based on geography, varietals, and reviews. Customers are presented with producer-generated media including virtual tours, videos, photos, and other information that allows producers to tell their story and present their products to actively searching customers.

How Kazzit differs from the competition?

The wine industry, for all its virtues, has yet to take advantage of Web 2.0 technology and present an industry-wide marketing and PR strategy, based on user-driven query patterns. Before Kazzit, an Internet query would result in droves of irrelevant, dated and frankly, unprofessional-looking results. Kazzit streamlines the query process by providing the searcher with the most relevant, timely, and accurate information at the beginning of the buyer’s search. The end result is a win-win: customers get the most relevant search results up front, and sellers get a sophisticated Web 2.0 platform that gives them immediate access to millions of actively searching online customers.

Our promise to the wine community...

Wine is about sharing, about love, and about relationships. Kazzit promises to help develop relationships between buyers and sellers by helping you share your story and products with customers who will love what you have to offer!



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